Customer Service: Data Entry, Apparel 21 Software (bc)

Job Description

Customer service experience with lots of customers. Ideally someone who has worked across department stores and independents and maybe Target.


We need them to manage order entry, invoicing, and information to the retailers. They would work closely with production and stock management people so that they are able to keep customers advised on delivery status and timing. They should also be understanding of EDI with many of our retailers.


We have AP21, so it would be great if someone had experience in this system but it’s not essential. Of course, they need to be proficient in Excel etc.


The role is full time, but we can be flexible with starting and finishing times. The location is in Fairfield.


We have two of our online businesses despatching from Fairfield and on occasion if there were huge orders we would ask for assistance in the warehouse.

While it is not a senior role, we do need maturity and experience.


Required skills