Patternmaker: Resort Wear (Lectra, Gerber or Style CAD)

Job Detail

  • Career Level Executive
  • Qualifications Associate

Job Description

This role is a creative and technical position in the design team working closely with the Senior Design Directors on all clothing categories across Resort Wear and special projects for seasonal store launches.  The position works collaboratively with the designers to develop our client’s clothing according to seasonal company range plans and is responsible for the creation of accurate patterns in line with the designer’s vision and according to seasonal design and production schedules. Our pattern makers are expected to always uphold consistent quality standards.


    Pattern making

    ·       Making patterns for seasonal collections on the Lectra, Gerber or Style CAD system via original drawings or from the client’s existing library of patterns as directed by the Creative Director and senior design team.

    ·       Participation in fittings and maintaining notes on all alterations with support from the Junior Garment Tech.

    ·       Perform pattern alterations promptly and accurately after fitting.

    ·       Maintain an accurate history of all garment alterations and comments for reference in Garment Workbook and AP21.

    ·       Perform final production fittings under supervision of Senior Design Directors.

    ·       Create garment specification sheets in AP21 with relevant information for production – ensure all specification sheets are accurate including accessories, trim, yields, and maker instructions.

    ·       Develop style that are considerate of yield and price point whilst not compromising on design.



    ·       Regularly update textile, print and surface design team with any changes to pattern for styles that have placement artwork, nested blocks or specific cutting instructions.

    ·       Check final markers for factory instructions on all styles with placement cut at all stages: SMS, PPS and final graded markers.

    ·       Prioritise all patterns that go through the textiles team for optimal workflow within the design department.


    Grading, Yields and Markers

    ·       Pattern make all styles on Lectra, Gerber or Style CAD system.

    ·       Finalise all patterns on time in line with production schedules.

    ·       Maintain back up procedures.

    ·       Create costing markers and record accurate yields for sampling and bulk production.

    ·       Ensure all patterns passed for grading are complete and correct.



    ·       Work with in-house cutters and sample machinists to achieve best quality make and most cost-effective method of garment construction.

    ·       Ensure final constructions are suitable for mass production.

    ·       Produce sample markers for cutting as required.

    ·       Consult in-house makers and factories on ways to improve make techniques.

    ·       Responsible for finalizing accurate BOM for each style in AP21 ahead of SMS stage and updating information at each stage of the production process thereafter.



    ·       Prepare sample and specification packs to produce PPS and Bulk.

    ·       QC samples and follow correct procedures to ensure production are informed clearly on any changes from SMS to PPS, and if required alerting key stakeholders on any changes from PPS to Bulk.

    ·       Responsible for notifying all relevant parties of any change to AP21(design and production).


    Teamwork & Administration

    ·       Adhere to design room schedule and timelines.

    ·       Work with design team to achieve sample range completion date.

    ·       Keep room organized and reasonably tidy at all times.

    ·       Work with Junior Garment Techs to ensure adequate stock levels of pattern making consumables (plotter paper, safety pins etc…)

    ·       Support and mentor junior staff, build sound relationships with all Design Room and Studio team members to enhance a healthy design team culture.

    ·       Maintain back up procedures in all work.



    ·       Participating in the development of a safe and healthy workplace.

    ·       Complying with instructions given for your own health and safety and that of others, in adhering to safe work procedures.

    ·       Co-operating with management in the fulfillment of its legislative obligations.

    ·       Taking reasonable care to ensure your own health and safety and that of others

    ·       Reporting any injury, hazard or illness immediately, where practical to Human Resources or a supervisor.

    ·       Not placing others at risk by any act or omission.

    ·       Not willfully or recklessly interfering with safety equipment.





    ·       Previous experience with Lectra, Gerber or Style CAD pattern making, or similar system – essential

    ·       10 years’ experience in womenswear pattern making

    ·       Strong eye for detail and accuracy with a thorough understanding of complex garment construction.

    ·       Continually up-to-date knowledge of luxury garment finishes.

    ·       Be computer literate in Excel and Outlook (essential) and a knowledge of fashion production software such as AP21 (essential)

    ·       Enjoy the challenge of working with original designer fashion garments.



    ·       Interpret the designer’s vision from hand sketches to develop accurate patterns that result in styles achieving bulk production.

    ·       Active involvement during the development and production of all styles ensures they meet client’s standards in quality, construction and fit.

    ·       Accurately maintain patterns in the relevant systems (Gerber, Lectra or Style CAD).

    ·       Pattern making at a cost in line with company expectations.

    ·       Consistently work with sample machinists to achieve the best make for factory reference, and the most cost-effective method of garment construction for bulk production.

    ·       Monitor notes on all alterations discussed during fitting.

    ·       Perform all pattern corrections in a timely manner.

    ·       Ensure bulk patterns are passed to grade in line with production schedule key dates.

    ·       Keep design room consistently organized.

    ·       Adherence to design calendar and critical path.

    SALARY $100-$110K+SUPER

Required skills